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3) Limited-time Rerun.

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- Rich character designs paired with deep character progression and storytelling.

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14 hours ago · [Outfits] The new Roomful of Aroma Series Outfits for Nana Shiraishi, Hana Ninomiya and Fuyumi Shinomiya, and rerun Summertime Coffeeshop Series Outfits are now available in Shop till 6/6 1:59 P.

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*The animation effect of the Animated Outfits can be turned on/off in. May 23rd Maintenance. May 23, 2023 · MahjongSoul.

. . In the game, Kazuha Saionji is the first-ever animated character with exclusive animated bond outfit, decorations and portrait frame. May 23rd Maintenance. Added notice labels.


Vote. This handsome guy has to take shelter at your.

For miki, just buy her halloween outfit when it becomes available in the shop, you can then equip it on her for games.

Most of the time, she is rather quiet and would respond to all your questions with a mechanical tone.



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